#10ThingsMonday – 5 things I wish I knew BEFORE I started running & 5 things I wish I knew AFTER i had to stop running…

Good morning beautiful people 🙂 I hope your Monday is going well. I have to admit I am a little too tired for a Monday morning since we stayed up till about 2am chatting with our neighbours last night – which are like the awesomest people ever!! But still tired/sleepy or not, I ‘ve been thinking about this post for a while now and since I started compiling it in my head has helped me quite a bit 🙂 #throwback photo from last summer hanging out with Grace the cat after my morning run 

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.45.17

5 things i wish i knew BEFORE is started running

1.You know those photographs of women during/after their run where they look absolutely positively gorgeous and completely put together? You ‘ll never look like that! Totally unrealistic! After a run I always look downright discombobulated… #unrealisticmuch

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 14.42.15

2.It is NOT EASY. No matter what you read, hear or people tell you, it will be hard BUT the feeling of accomplishment you get when you are through with a run is amazing. Still there ‘ll be pain and tears oh a lot of tears… #thestruggleisreal

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.37.50.png

3.Get the RIGHT shoe size. Not your shoe size…. the right shoe size. Since your feet will get swollen during a race/long run you need a shoe that it is a bit larger than what you’d normally get other wise “oh the pain…” #nopainnogain

4.Getting on from #3 say goodbye to your toenails 😦 I ‘ve been training hard/running for the whole of 2016 and I swear I hadn’t had a full set of toenails for a full year #disgusting

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 13.00.18

5.You will eat… A LOT! If you are training for something FORGET the possibility of dieting. Because after a 30km run the last thing you ‘ll thing of would be “oh that celery stick looks so appetising”… yeah… NOPE! You ‘l be like #ineedALLthefoodrightNOW

5 things i wish i knew AFTER I had to stop running 

1.I would miss it…the kind of “having a whole in my heart/ don’t know what to do with myself” missing. The kind that makes you super sad #feelinglost

2.I would gain weight (fast and a lot of it)… expected somewhere deep inside my head but totally unwanted obviously #bodyimageissues

3.Oh dear little green monster. The look on my face when I see runners pass me by… Yes, of course I am happy for them but still I can’t help that feeling of envy creeping in me e-v-e-r-y singe time. My Facebook feed is totally unrelated to my life at them moment. Scrolling down and only seeing photos of people running, their races, their bling… officially sucks! But on a happier note i am glad I get to a) cheer my friends and 2) just get used to the idea that it is what it is and … drum roll… move on! #envy2.0

4.All this free time and sleeping in… Not having to wake up at 4:45am on a Friday for a long run or go out for two hours 4 times a week every evening means that there are now enough hours in the day to do other stuff you ‘ve always wanted and never had the time too… it’s like a WOW moment there! #getanewhobby

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 08.42.20

5. I would make AMAZING friends that would last me forever and ever and visit incredible places #friendshipgoals

And last but not least, and I really can’t put a number on this one… Some races will change you and some moments you will NEVER EVER forget and will shape you for the rest of your life and no matter what happens no one can ever take those away from you #marathonfinisher


So here you have it. It really doesn’t matter if you are just starting out your journey, if you are mid-training or if you ‘ve made it to the end (like me) all that it really matters is enjoying the ride as much as you can because this is what will stick with you always – and of course all your amazing bling that you have every right to proudly display and have gained #bruggingrightsforlife 😉 


Have a great Monday!


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