The struggle of coming back.

(This post didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted it but I ‘d still like to publish it)

Anyone who has ever had any relationship to fitness know this… the absolute HARDEST part is coming back. Getting back on your feet and where you used to be before you got knocked down for the tenth time and lost your plot.

Come backs are absolutely terrifying for me. And it is kind of like a catch -22…the more you stay away the hardest it gets to come back both physically AND mentally.

Personally, I haven’t consistently worked out since late January, yup you heard that right. Nearly 7 months and nothing consistent. Especially after May I would safely say I haven’t worked out at all – nothing, nada… It was like I was completely negative even to the idea of working out. so, i just gave me what I needed, the joy of doing absolutely nothing, no physical activity of any sort.

Fast forward three months —->

Photo on 31-07-2017 at 17.08

And this!

I decided I wanted to start again yesterday. Not for the weight, not for the looks just because working out is mentally good for me and my soul. It makes me feel happy and in control 🙂 So, this photo… well there might have been tears and huge amounts of frustration. You know that you are nowhere near where you used to be – i run a marathon for Crying Out Loud – but there is absolutely nothing to prepare you for how far away you actually are.

This is a 30 minute workout  (first day of pre-training from the BBG program) which is for absolute beginners. oh well, i swear it was HARD! 30 minutes of pure agony and hell… Knees were buckling, stomach was a mess, totally out of timing and slower than a turtle. BUT you know what, I did it, and I am totally NOT planning to beat myslef up for all the stuff I couldnt do. What I’d rather do is give myself the thumbs up for actually -finally- doing it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.37.50

Because no matter what, what really REALLY matters is being happy. Enjoying whatever it is you do. I’ve seen too many unhappy people lately and i refuse to be one of them! This is why whenever things get harder -than usual 😉 – I always look at the pictures below and smile. I remember all the feelings ❤ …


So, do what is good for YOU 🙂 Smile and be kind and always always try your best… Since a come back will never get easier, we might as well get the most out of it right? 😉

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


2 thoughts on “The struggle of coming back.

  1. I’m with you on this!! I haven’t taken a long break yet (yet!), but I need to because my fitness level (running paces & good feelings) have been taking a sharp downturn. I do often think back at where I used to be and wonder why I’m not there anymore. Frustrating. I was in tears just recently about my running too, so have heart that you’re not alone 🙂 And we’ll get back there, eventually.

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