Athens, Greece

Greece is a special place for me.


It is where i was born and grew up, it is my home country. It is a little piece of beautiful heaven on earth. Granted, with many many problems (as of lately) but wonderful people who are still humans.

I grew up in the capital, Athens. A wonderful and vibrant city which despite its troubles never ceases to amaze and capture the soul of anybody who visits it. Have a look at this video and this one so you can have a taste. Watching them always makes me feel like i am there, and i can smell all the foods cooking in the little restaurants in the old town or hear the street vendors sale their produce.

I did leave by choice, so i can follow my heart and chase my dream of becoming a neuroscientist. Back then i have to admit i didn’t miss it much but as I grew older… It is the little things you miss and places that don’t exist anymore everytime you go back to visit.

Most of you are probably familiar with Greece because of its rich ancient history. I admit it is breathtaking. Standing in front of the parthenon stepping on ground that ancient philosophers walked on thousand of years before you, is mesmerizing …


There is a tiny little village there, called Monastiraki. It is one of my favourite places, no matter how many new cities i visit this little piece of land is in my heart’s number one always. Have a look at the pictures below and i am sure you ‘ll agree with me.


Many thanks to Spiros Parskevopoulos for kindly making/providing all the videos included in this post. And to my good and talented friend, Dimitris Zografos for his incredible photographs of Athens by night.