Christmas Gifts for Fitness Lovers -BUDGET GIFT GUIDE & GIVEAWAY!

Ok, after some major thinking/researching it is final here!!! I did all the thinking for you -LOL- so all you have to do is pick one of those AWESOME fitness related items for your favourite -total fitnessnut – person and make them super happy this year 😉

AND without spending a complete fortune as well! All of the suggestions here are (way) less than £100 ($125). Because who said being fit and healthy has to be super expensive??


No more words necessary… Currently i am totally in love with these babies 🙂 they aren not suitable for running but they work great for HIIT, cross-fit and most sorts of cross training! Also the colour and design is absolutely COOL – you can also get them in blue!

Price: £44.99

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 17.45.17.png

Check me out here with all these wonderful ladies 🙂 Just had an awesome -killer – crossfit session with the creators of those amazing shoes and workout kit… oh and if you are wondering about the outfit… —>

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 17.50.24.png

Workout Kit

This workout outfit has definitely become one of my favourites! – and no, not only cause it matches my shoes LOL – but because it is incredibly comfy to work out in and durable and looks great AND you can’t beat the price!!

Price for top: £14.99 // Price for capris: £17.99

Compression Socks & Sleeves

Know the saying “a woman can never have enough shoes?” same goes for “a runner can never have enough compression socks” 🙂 I totally loved these ones – wore them for the rest of the day after my marathon and felt SO MUCH better!! – and you can get them on Amazon here and here. Also you can follow them on Twitter.

Price: £9.90


Camari water bottle

With a price you can’t beat and some seriously ragged functionality, this would make an awesome gift for any fitness or outdoors lover! Personally, I have been dragging it around with me EVERYWHERE since I got it and it hasn’t disappoint me. Its Eco Friendly & Non Toxic BPA and Tritan Free Plastic make it very appealing and there is no weird taste to the water after leaving it in there all day (fits 600ml) 😉 You can get it on Amazon.

Price: £11.99

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 17.24.54.png

Fitness Planner

Most of us go a bit “off the rails” during the holidays and then our loved ones have to listen to us complaining about all the unhealthy foods and sweets we had and how we need to “get back in shape” etc etc… well, this year help a fella out with this planner 😀 It is designed to work along with food & exercise tracking apps to save the user valuable time but also help reflecting  and increase mindfulness – i know I am TOTALLY using it to get back on track with my food after eating my face off before my marathon! You can get it here.

Price: £14.99


Got a bookworm/ foodie/  runner or/and triathlon junkie in the family?? Well, look no further. These are two of THE best books on runners/triathletes nutrition I have read (and used)! Totally worth it! See my review and where to buy them here 🙂

Price: £9.98

TRX(-like) workout equipment

Ok, let me tell you. THIS is every fitness junkie’s dream BUT very few of us can actually afford it. The TRX is the ultimate suspension bodyweight training tool but at a price between £130 to £180 it is quite hard to get. So most people – like me – just get to use it at a gym. Well no more 😉 Have a look at this baby! I got to use it at an event recently and let me tell you, it has ABSOLUTELY no difference to the -very- expensive TRX ones. You can get it here from Decathlon.

Price: £19.99

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 17.42.37.png

Gym Bag

Even though I am not a gym-goer anymore since I prefer to workout at home or do classes I still have to carry around workout gear, since I’d usually hit those classes after work. As you know I am not a fancy person and I just refuse to pay the big bucks for something that I dont need to (LOL)… So here is my choice of gym bag from Decathlon. Oh and please do look at the price….;) No Joke!

Price: £3.50 

OnMove 220 GPS watch

Ok, this has to be one of my VERY favourites! Granted is probably the most expensive item in my guide but in comparison …not really! So a little back story here… I used to have a Garmin and then accidentally after my trail run it kinda ended up in the washing machine…. well it is still working but no Sat connection -surprise there…

So I was mid-marathon training and in desperate need of a GPS watch but not in a great financial position. So after a little research I decided to take a chance in this one.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed one bit!! There are two differences between the Geonaute GPS watches and the Garmin ones. #1 the software and #2 the price… I can’t reccomended enough to you! I run my marathon with it and it didn’t miss a bit!

Price: £64.99

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 11.34.53.png

Finally, as for opinion goes, you need to know that all the items on the list I have personally use (and liked obviously… LOL). I have one simple rule… Unless I’ve used it, work with it, run with it, sweat on it and so on and so forth, it will NOT make any of my lists or my blog. I’d never suggest something that I don’t personally like.

Well, these are all my suggestions 😀 I hope you all have a very MERRY christmas this year filled with love and great moments! ❤

I really hope this guide will be helpful and give you some great ideas 😀 And think about, maybe all the money you save by shopping smarter this year could go towards something else… 😉 🙂


Now, second order of business… The GIVEAWAY 🙂 Two lucky readers will get one of the Camari water bottles as a little christmas stocking stuffer from me ❤

ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Best wishes,

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Hello people !!! And happy -almost- weekend 🙂

I hope everyone (who celebrates) had an amazing time yesterday ❤ Our Thanksgiving dinner will take place on Sunday since yesterday was a working day for us here in the UK.

So, a few #FridayTruths to share with you today!

1.Got an awesome email yesterday telling me that @taleoftworuns‘s comment on “The science museum” was featured on TIME OUT London!!!! OMG yes! I was ecstatic!! I mean occupational hazard right??? Also do have a look at the article I think it is pretty cool if you are planning to visit/move to London.

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.58.43.png

2.I order my planner for 2017. Anyone who knows me, knows my absolute ❤ for stationary AND notebooks/planners. I was looking for something VERY specific since I got tired of carrying around 2 different ones – one for science work and one for blog stuff – and I didnt find anything to suit my needs. So after reading quite a few reviews I ended up in this website and made my own planner. It looks pretty amazing – on the screen – and I ordered it today. You get to personalize EVERYTHING! From the covers, to the layouts and to what you ‘d like it to include – to do lists, weekly meal plan etc – and it was ONLY £22 ($27)!! Can’t wait for it to arrive next week. Here is a little preview 😉

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 16.52.45.png

3.My eating has been completely off the rails… but oh well…. I mean why can’t I have two donuts or cupcakes after dinner right ?!?!? Just kidding… Marathon is over so after Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday i am pulling myself together and getting both my eating and sleeping back on track!


4.And… I miss this girl (and NYC). Hopefully I’ll get to feel the way I felt back then again soon… Step number one, get my body back to how it used to be 😉

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 15.24.08

5. Post-marathon thoughts and plans… Well I am still working on that. I feel a little “purposeless” but i think giving myself a few weeks of running/exercising was much needed! Promise I’ll put all my thoughts here and share soon…


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40



Athens Marathon 2016…(part 2)!

(Very long post alert)

So where were we?

Oh right! I lost my phone (again…) While I was on the bus I looked EVERYWHERE for it! But no luck… and that was the moment when I had to accept the fact that I’ll be running my first full marathon WITHOUT my music 😛 … Epic fail I say… So for a while I focus looking out the window. The bus route was on the marathon route and I managed to get a full view of all the uphills to come. Yeah, that didn’t really help with my anxiety and nerves…


Remember Maria, the girl I mentioned @mymamus and I met at the meeting point? Well she was being an angel and she was talking to me, and introduced to me to another woman Vassiliki. Both of them were so nice to me, telling me how it’ll be OK and that it ‘ll be an amazing experience! And it was right then and there that Maria totally saved the day!!

“WHAT? No phone? No music?? Don’t worry girl I got two MP3s on me, and you can totally have my back up one!!!”

Jaw dropped! This awesome lady that didn’t know me offered me her music! Thank you SO MUCH Maria you are a rockstar…. And we have very similar taste in music! – save #1!

After this was settled we started to get ready on the bus – taking off extra clothes, putting on shoes etc – and this is where Vassiliki saw me putting on my long sleeve yellow t-shirt.

“Are you out of your mind???” I heard… “You will melt!! It’ ll be so hot!!! Don’t even think of wearing it! Keep only your tank top! And (thankfully) I listened … – save #2!


The bag drop and walk to the blocks was a blur… I ‘ve never seen so many people gathered in one place! It was like a party! Everyone was smiling and it didn’t matter who you know and who you don’t, you ‘d get a supportive look or a thumbs up a pat on the back anyway…Both Vassiliki and myself were on block 7, so we decided to stick together. We both hugged Maria (she was at a faster block), wished her good luck and went our way. We were pretty much in one of the first rows of our block. I was looking around totally amazed, thinking to myself –this is it… You made it! You are here!! Vassiliki looked at me, we high fived and held hands for a second and smiled to each other!

And then the gun went off and we were running….


I felt so full inside those first minutes! Pride, honour, happiness…!


We passed by the tomb of Marathon (5-6km) where the 300 brave soldiers were laid to rest and I could barely hold back the tears – and trust me I wasn’t the only one… You could feel that the atmosphere was a little heavier there… the crowd was thick there and they were handing out olive branches. I grabbed one and it was like I felt the history and the essence of the place running along with me.

And I kept running. The first 11-12km passed like a blur and I kept a steady pace. But at around 14km the heat started getting to me… It was HOT! It was around 10:30am and the temperature had already climbed up to 25C…. November in Greece hmmm….I told Vassiliki, I’d walk for a bit, take a gel and some water, so she gave me smile and run off… (Thank you Vassiliki! For pacing me for the first 12km, you were awesome!)


And this is when the struggle started… From 14km till 29km there is a slow, steady, painful 3% incline. The fact that I had only trained for hills (aka steep hills) along with the heat totally killed me… My quads locked and I was in pain from 17km onwards.

I run, I walked, I cried, I hurt… At about 26km I knew I had to let got of any time goals I ‘ve had in mind. I cried a little… but I knew this wasn’t going to happen… So I focused on putting one foot in front of the other and my head down so I wouldn’t have to face the uphill. At 28km I heard my name – someone I didn’t know was telling me to keep going and have faith… Thank you!

And then after a while we made it to 30km where FINALLY the downhill started! Still in a lot of pain but it felt so refreshing on my tired quads. But I knew that from this point onwards I’d see my people and my pace started to pick up again.

The first person I saw was my friend George at about 32km!! You can not imagine the joy!!! I screamed (poor EMTs thought something happened to me!) and run towards him and gave him a tight sweaty hug!! He told me I am doing great and I run off. Thank you for my awesome gift George 😉 I ❤ it!!


Next stop… 36km… my family was there! – they were expecting me in a yellow shirt so my mum was so surprised when I run to her and hugged her 😉

I hugged my mum and started crying… I remember telling her that it is so hard and that the heat was killing me! She looked at me and said “You are doing great! We are all here, you can do this!” My dad hugged me as well and said he was very proud of me – I think we were both teary at that point!


Everyone was there, my grandma, my aunt and uncle! And they were cheering for me! After all the hugs and cheers, I run off feeling like a different person! I knew I could do this, and it didn’t matter how long it ‘d take me.

37km. @mymamus and his mum were there waiting for me. I hugged them both and @mymamus gave me a kiss and said “you got this babygirl, I believe in you! You are almost there! Go get it!!”

By that time, I was telling myself that I only had 4 miles to go… Trying to forget the pain and just run! Everything was a blur – and quite – from that point till 41km, where the crowd had thickened again and everyone was screaming and cheering for us!

My other aunt, her son and grandkid where there cheering for me and took this awesome video 😉 It was the last 250m… I couldn’t believe it! I turn the corner and there it was! The stadium… KALIMARMARO (it means beautiful marble) and it was, it was so beautiful! I felt Goosebumps on my skin and tears on my face… I was finishing my first marathon! The AUTHENTIC route, the path that changed the world and helped in upkeeping the values of democracy!!


And before I knew it I was crossing the line… my watched said 05:07:23. But I DIDN’T care, I had made it!

– I have to admit I felt a pinch of disappointment for the next few days…having to let go of your time goal isn’t an easy thing.. especially when you ‘ve put it out there! But then I read this post by one of my favourite bloggers, Charlie from the runner beans, and my perspective totally changed! Thank you Charlie and congrats on running NYC!! –



I stood for a second and took it all in – even writing about it brings tears to my eyes! I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to make my first marathon so special! Thank you Greece!


All the finishers had to walk for about 10’ out of the stadium and into a small side street to pick up their stuff. After I was done with my stuff and having no clue where I was and no phone I was a little lost… – surprise there LOL! So I asked a nice person if I could use their phone (Thank you nice stranger!) and called my mum. I told them where I was – or more specifically where I thought I was hahahaha! And sat there waiting – evidently munching on a banana 😉 !


Before I knew it I had family and friends coming to me from every direction!! Every single person I ‘d consider close to me was there! I couldn’t believe how many people came to cheer for me!! I felt so loved and cherished at that moment!! And then photos, hugs, laughs, tears!! What a blur!

My family ❤ !


All the amazing women in the family!!


Thank you love, I couldn’t have gone through with it without you!


One of my favourite people.. my grandma!


THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE! The people who cheered from me from afar, the people who came to see me, everyone for their wishes and messages! THANK YOU! I couldn’t have done it without you!! So…this was it! An experience I will never forget! It wasn’t just about running a a marathon…it was about ideals, faith, support, love, family and friends! I learnt a lot running this race, about myself and about my people!



PS: Aftermath…

For anyone who wonders THIS –> is how bad the heat was. I got some nasty sunburns everywhere apart from my face – thank you mum for giving me this awesome sunblock!

After marathon dinner with the parents! Yup, both sets! First official meeting for @mymamus’s and @taleoftworuns‘s parents 😉 It was brilliant! And yes, i did NOT take off my medal for the rest of the day!


And last but not least… I FOUND MY PHONE! About an hour before I left for the airport the person who found it on the street called my brother! Apparently i had dropped it when I was getting on the car on my way to the bus meet up point…

OMG what an eventful few days! Well, now I am back to London and to the lab, being buried under tons of work for the next few days 🙂 But it was totally worth it!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




Athens Marathon 2016…(part 1)!

It took me a few days to find the words for this post… I felt like simple words were not enough so i decided to just start from the beginning (that’s why I decided on part one and two so you guys wont end up reading a novel LOL).

If there is one thing that I’d like to say is that EVERYTHING that could go wrong, it actually went wrong and… I made EVERY single mistake I tried so hard to avoid! But that being said … It was a LIFE CHANGING experience that I will never forget and I wouldn’t change a thing!

So,  the night before our flight our washing machine decided to go crazy and keep my clothes hostages almost all night (sleepless night #1 – mistake #1: NEVER EVER wash your marathon outfit the day before your travel.)



Our flight to Athens was on Friday the 11th (after  a full day’s work) at 9pm and got there at 4am of Saturday morning – mistake #2 and sleepless night #2! You totally need all the sleep you can get! Also the flight was soooo crowded that it took for ever!


We finally got to Athens and I managed to get to bed at about 6:30am on Saturday morning…totally slept like a log 😉 And I was up bright and early (at about 10:30am) so we could get to the expo on time to pick up my stuff – talking about last minute hahaha – found out later that I could have sent someone else…! The expo was awesome, even though we didn’t stay for too long since i was very – VERY – tired!


One thing to note in the photo above –> me on a proper autumn/winter outfit and everyone else in summer clothes. No i am not photoshopped in the picture LOL! It was just insanely hot for November… but of course I was too anxious/excited/stressed/tired to really think about the HUGE difference in temperature (mistake #3…)


After we picked up my stuff it was time to see the family 🙂 This was one of the awesome perks or running in my home country. Both mums (mine and @mymamus’s mum) did their best to feed me as much pasta as possible 😛 with HOMEMADE pesto sauce (thank you @mymamus’s dad you rock!!) – lunch.


This is the way to cheer pre-race 😉


So, after we stuffed our faces (please note the second plate of pasta in front of me for dinner LOL!) at about 8pm we left the family and headed home for me to sleep. Hmmm well… maybe not exactly! Pre race jitters had me up until 10:45pm which after two almost sleepless nights was waaay too late… So I prepped my stuff, checked my playlist on my phone (twice), laid out my clothes and tried to sleep.


And I guess at some point I managed since I woke up at 5:50 am feeling slightly rested and very, VERY, V-E-R-Y anxious… the one thing I did right was the fact that I brought my own stuff for breakfast. Oats, PB, coconut flakes, well not my own bananas LOL but I am sure they are pretty much the same hahaha!


I had to try really hard to eat it though 😦 since I really didn’t feel like it… but i knew I had to. Also downed a cup of coffee and then by 6:30am I was all dressed and ready to go! Bus meet up point was at 6:45am and only a few blocks away from home. Double checked I have everything and then out the door we were. @mymamus drove me there and before I knew it I was standing on the side of the street waiting for the bus amongst other runners.

side note: both @mymamus and I grew up in that neighbourhood and it was almost certain that we’d meet someone we knew there and of course we did 🙂 I was very glad to get to know Maria and Vassiliki there, and who would have told me that both of them (in different ways) would save the day later on…

And on the bus I go 😀

Now from here on you ‘ll notice a … hmm… “shortage” of photos… Why is that you ‘ll wonder… Well, that is because on the bus, on my way to the start line I realized that my phone was NOT on me… I knew I didn’t leave it anywhere and I looked EVERYWHERE on the bus… So that was the point I realized that my phone aka my phone, my camera AND my music, was lost…

Stay tuned for the next part 🙂 who saved the day and the actual race!!

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It’s all about the race … -Belfast trip part 2

Hi all 😀

so, as I wrote before, Saturday was AWESOME in Belfast and Sunday was even better! The reason why we were in Belfast to begin with was this race, from the Decathlon running series. I have already completed two of the Decathlon running series races – one in Surrey Quays in London and this one in Belfast – and I have to say I totally loved every minute of both experiences!

From registering to the finish line EVERYTHING had been taken care of for all runners!

We arrived at the Belfast store around 8:40am and with a start time of 9:30am we had plenty of time to spare and we decided on a store tour (and bathroom breaks LOL)!


After registration – which was as easy as… “Hi, please fill out this form” and one minute later… “There you go” and your Decathlon t-shirt (I totally ❤ this one, I have used it for a few races already!) and bib are in your hands! Also another thing that I love? These races are FREE! Yes, you heard it alright…Free! screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-16-16-55

The way that race fees have been increasing lately sometimes it makes it very hard for people to take part no matter how much they want to. Also we might not have gotten a medal but we got a really cool (£10 value) goodie bag, fruits, snacks and water.


There must have been around 1000 people and there were no cues and no confusion and everyone was in great spirits with a smile on their face 😀 We went through registration in a breeze, and the staff responsible for it was knowledgable and polite. Everything was provided…from the snacks down to the safety pins 😉



After registration and since we still had sometime to kill, the blogger in me took over and there were photos over photos LOL! This is one of my favourites!


and of course….


… the traditional Instagram frame because you can not not right…? 😛

At 9:20am we all gathered at the start line, where the loud music (and probably frigid cold temps) made everyone kinda dancing, laughing and moving around. This race had an amazing crowd and some really – REALLY – incredible and fast runners… The race and crowd had an amazing feel.. It was like a celebration of some sort LOL!

Can you spot Corey and I ??!?!


And then before you know it… We were off!!!



The course was ABSOLUTELY stunning!! So incredibly beautiful!!


I did enjoy the race but it wasn’t one of my best. I forgot my GPS watch (brand new – review coming soon!!!) and I decided to run alongside Corey. If only I’d thought that one through…. She is at a much better shape than I am at the moment and also she is at the beginning of her marathon training while for me, this was my last race before the marathon! I am not as fast as I used to but my endurance has developed new limits 😀 So we took off too fast – for me – and by mile 2 I felt really out of it. I told Corey to go for it and I fell back into a slower but steadier pace. Took me a mile or so to feel better but by mile 4.5 I was settling into a nice pace. I finished with 55:59 which is about a minute more than my PB. But Corey…. She totally smashed!!! Proud of you girl!


The next AWESOME thing that happened was … Lindsay (the one with the pink hoodie)!!! This woman is a rockstar! She gave birth about 3 weeks ago and on Sunday she finished her 10km! Impressive??? Hell yes! Helen (purple shirt) paced her and she did great! You should totally read Lindsay’s race recap, its funny and inspiring!


I am so glad and grateful I had the opportunity to do this race! I couldn’t be happier and more excited to have this Decathlon 10km as my last race before my marathon… in 3 DAYS!!!! Thank you Decathlon, you sure know how to throw a hell of a race!

I’ll be definitely going back!

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What happens in Belfast … (part 1)!

Hello beautiful people 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

It’s been very crazy today 😀 but you all know how much I love the beginning of a new week  (no, not a joke!)

All my favourite people from Spinal Research visited our lab yesterday and it was really cool to get to spend time with them showing them around and chatting about my project 🙂 – which they fund 😉 – and this is why Monday was totally crazy around here!

So, weekend shenanigans! Shall we talk about it??

This past weekend I was in Belfast – thank you amazing Decathlon people! – in order to run an awesome 10km race, but more on that on the next post, stay tuned 😉 It was an incredible race!!


Got to spent some awesome time with these ladies 😀 And we had a ton of fun!


Belfast is a very beautiful town! It really reminded me of Glasgow I have to admit. There is so much street art to look at and many old beautiful buildings…


City hall



And filled with the prettiest street murals!


Thought the evil pumpkin was totally matching the season 😉



As for the food, well it was mostly (quite yummy)pub food. The highlights:

Vietnamese style pulled pork – a bit too spicy for me but the taste was really good!


This Pavlova cake!!


And finally one of the best highlights of day 1 in Belfast! I got to see my friend Stacey who I haven’t seen in about 8 years….. It is so amazing when you meet up with old friends and you realize that it feels like it was just yesterday that you were hanging out and not almost a decade LOL!

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 07.20.24.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40



Pre-race thoughts, race plan & let the tapper begin…

No freak out… no crazy dances around the house… just me sitting here and quitely contemplating about my marathon… my very first marathon.

So thoughts…

When i started marathon training 19 weeks ago…- wow 19 weeks! That’s like l33 days! – i thought to myself you got this girl 😉 And that by the end of training i’ ll totally feel like a badass and i ll be in the best shape of my life!! Maybe even lose a bit a weight 😉 yeah well things didnt go exactly like that…

I am at my final week before the marathon and things are very different than what i thought…

At the moment i am 10 lbs heavier, tired to no end – both physically and mentally – and i ve definately been in a better shape before… also i m very – VERY – anxious about the race. I both can not wait to be there, feel the vibe, and run this historic route and also feel like my heart skps a bit every time i think about this race! By now i have mentally run the race about 20 times!


So, race goals. Lets see:

A) FINISH IT….SMILING!! Enjoy every single minute of it!

B) Try and run the whole way.

C) Try and get a time between 4:00:00 – 4:15:00

So as you can see i have re prioritize a little – @mymamus was right, i waa settinh my self up to fail with my previous goals.

Race plan…

6 gels (along with water) roughly every 7km and a few sips of an isotonic drink in between.

Plan is to start conservatively an not fast and try to gwt tyrough the 11 mile uphill. Hoping for a slower first half and a faster second half. Planning to pick up my pace after around mile 18, where the downhill portion begins.

According to my coach – Greek record holder for the authentic marathon route- to get a good result from this race you need to embrace the route. Dobt fight it, dont fight the hills. Do your best. Be conservative and when the tine comes for the downhill portion make a deal with yourself and give it all.

And THAT is exactly what i am planning to do. Embrace the difficulty and do my best. Open up my heart and my soul and take it all in. I used to thibk that the narathob is a race, (no wait you ll see what i mean) against you and the rest of the runners, the clock and the distance. No its not! Its a race against you! Against your own thoughts. Against yourself.

I was told by someone i really look up to, that this day will change me for the rest of my life. Anvi really hope it will! I want to get to know ME better. See what i am made of.

So here we are everyone… final stretch! I can not thank you all enough for sticking around and giving me all your support all these weeks!


#FridayTruths & BELFAST bound!!!!

WOW what a week…!

I have plenty of awesome (and random) things to share with you all 🙂

First of all,

our 5km virtual run was over last week. I think it was a big success and both Andreea and I had so much fun organizing it and running it! We decided to run it with all the awesome ladies from Spinal research on Monday (Halloween) at lunch time!

Taking off mid-London 🙂


Being bored at a traffic light…


Can you spot the crazy lady doing star jumps across the street 😉 ?!?! Of course on of us!


We had an amazing time, we run and laughed and raised money for a great cause!

Can you tell I love penguins??? LOL 😉 😀 This is me killing time while waiting for one of my experiments to run…


Next random fact, my good friend Neela sent me these photos yesterday… These weird circular thingies are called Jalebi. It is honey covered dipped fried batter, and it used to be a favourite of mine when I was in NYC…   Yummy!!



Ok, and finally…. the big news!

(drum roll sound!!!!!!!!!!)

THIS WEEKEND I AM OFF TO BELFAST!!!!!! Excited a little?!?!? LOL!

Corey, Helen and myself are invited by the awesome people from Decathlon (remember my last event? Where @mymamus wanted to have my head on a platter afterwards?? yeah…this one!) to run their 10km race there this Sunday!! I am so excited to visit Belfast and have some quality girls time!

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 21.03.01.png

I promise a ton of photos when we get back! For now I am all packed 🙂


And chilling on the coach with @mymamus watching movies 🙂 It was a pretty long week work wise but i am totally over the moon and can’t wait to meet the girls tomorrow at the airport and head to our Belfast adventure!!!

Have an awesome weekend friends 😀 ❤

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

Favourite fall salad recipe :)

You say Brussel sprouts I used to say – Blaaahh!!! I hated them for years… After my very first attempt to diet, back in 2007. I ate so many of them, boiled and blunt, that i ‘d never even wanted to hear about them.


Until a few years ago, when a friend and me went over for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants in NYC by my old lab – The Grange bar and eatery, and he order the warm Brussel sprout salad. Well I obviously cringed, but then when it actually came and I tried it I was a big fan!

Now, fast forward a few years later, and I walked into the grocery store here and literally bump into a bag of brussel sprouts! After a long moment of me staring at them and them staring back at me I placed them in my basket wanted to try – this is the key word here – to recreate from memory that salad I had a few years back…

Did it work? Oh yes it did! @mymamus and I are totally hooked!!



2lbs fresh (I ‘ve never used frozen) brussels sprouts

0.5 lbs bacon bits

olive oil

salt (I love Himalayan salt) and pepper

Optional toppings:

chopped pecans, parmesan cheese, poached egg


Heat the olive oil in a pan and brown the bacon bits. Cut the stems and wash the brussels sprouts. Dry them up using a paper towel and cut them into 3 pieces in a direction parallel to their stem. Once the bacon is cooked – not crispy – place the cut brussels sprouts in the pan and occasionally stir. Once the brussels sprouts are a little softer, add salt and pepper to taste. Leave them in medium heat until the brussels sprout are cooked and tender and not crunchy.

Pour contains into a plate and topped either with pecans and parmesan cheese or with a poached egg 🙂

Let me know what do you think! If you are a bacon lover like myself you ‘ll certainly enjoy it!

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Athens Marathon – Training log Week #17 & Halloween and stuff …

Hi everyone 🙂

So this week things have started to slow down a bit with only 2 weeks left for my marathon… – see no freak out there 🙂

Tuesday: MENTAL HEALTH RUN 🙂 I run back home from work – 6.2 miles. I have no clue my time or pace since I went totally watch-less and with my favourite music blasting in my ears!

Thursday: 3.2 miles.

Sunday: 3.2 miles Halloween trick or treat race 🙂 – see all the awesome photos below 🙂

Weekly mileage: 12.6


Total mileage: 320.4

Weekly cross-training session: 0

Now, that training recap is out of the way… Let’s talk weekend shenanigans, shall we??

How was your weekend ?

Mine started in an awesome way! My buddy Corey and I run a trick or treat run at Richmond park !!! A bit of a last minute decision but I am really REALLY happy we did it – surpassingly since as many of you know i am really not that interested in Halloween! But I know that Corey totally loves it and when I got the passes to this race I didn’t even blinked twice 😉

So we did some costume shopping on Saturday morning and decided to go as Devil (me) vs. Angel (her) ❤

First thing we both did once we got back home was of course to text to each other photos of our full costumes lol!

Turns out the race was amazing – had different scary get ups in every mile marker – and Richmond park is beautiful! Also the weather was so appropriate for Halloween… All foggy but not cold 🙂

And this was the result 🙂




The race was so much and at the end you had to stick your hand in this green … thingy … grab a coin and the get your medal! Which by the way, GLOWS IN THE DARK!! How cool is that!?!?


But I have to admit, that Corey and I were totally not the best costume of the day! But Corey’s dog, mr.Ripley of Essex stole all the lights and attention in his adorable banana split costume 🙂 ❤

I hope you all have a great week! Mine didn’t start off on a great note – I hate it when equipment decides to not work…grrr – but I am positive and not getting upset over it – yet…. 😉


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40