High Five Fri-YAY!!!

I know that every Friday I’m saying the same thing but it feels so weird! It’s like I wake up, it’s Monday and then someone presses fast-forward and here I am writing yet another High Five Friday post, to link up with beautiful Angela over at Happy Fit Mama 🙂

This time though it is indeed Fri-YAY, since I had a quite challenging work week and I am very grateful that the weekend is here! Sometimes science can be so frustrating… spent a good part of this week trying to make a part of my equipment work and nothing, and then out of the blue today it just worked! :O What can I say…. Well all good since it is working now but i would so much like to know what happened to it…

So here we go, my usual “chatty” week review – make sure you follow me on Instagram to get all the updates during the week 😉


  1. Snack attack!!!! Sometimes around 3ish I just get really hungry and tired, and I feel like i really need something sweet! And of course I got nothing but tons of work… So I have come up with this little snack which is less than 100 calories (but how’s counting right?!?!?) for both crackers with this AMAZING coconut oil! Yum yum!! What? What do you mean not everyone has coconut oil in their desk food stash ?!?! :O
  2. Trying some pilates 🙂 Not too bad, especially if your legs are totally sore from leg day the day before 🙂
  3. Got a new foam roller!!! Oh this thing can work magic on my legs #happyface !!
  4. My very first run in a tank top and shorts!!! Yay!!! Spring finally found it’s way to London!
  5. Look at this sky… so pretty! The days are getting longer AND brighter!


  1. I found this post pretty cool with many ideas on where to “hide” your extra layers if you are running
  2. Very motivational article on women’s running about not running scared.
  3. Do you try to negative split your races? Here are some pros and cons of running races this way 🙂
  4. I have heard of many people who do a stride-analysis and that helps them with better running form. I would be curious to try it…
  5. And this is an old one but good from Dorothy Beal. 26.2 motivational quotes to help you get through your race. –> this is my favourite for mile 24: “The marathon’s about being in contention over the last 10K. That’s when it’s about what you have in your core. You have run all the strength, all the superficial fitness out of yourself, and it really comes down to what’s left inside you. To be able to draw deep and pull something out of yourself is one of the most tremendous things about the marathon.” ~ Rob de Castella

As for weekend plans, nothing extreme over here… Saturday will be pizza and Jurassic park marathon at a friend’s place and Sunday a bit of food prep 🙂

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting going on???

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High Five Friday!

Hi friends! 😀

It’s Friday, and like every week I am pretty excited to link up with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama, spread some good vibes all around and bring you up to speed with all the happenings from the week! There is no better way to kick start our weekend 🙂


  1. With the weather being totally off the hook crazy around here we do get quite a bit more sunshine than usual… Followed by rain, and then hail and then some more sun. Welcome to London in April, I was told that this is the norm. So of course after my run the other day I couldn’t resist not to sit out on the sun for a little bit. And then somehow I ended up doing cart wheels…
  2. Current favourite smoothie recipe – banana, PB, ice and my smoothie mix! Oh so yum! What is my smoothie mix? Well, I realized a few days ago that every morning I open and close 5 different containers with dry powders to add to my smoothie. So I thought “what if I could only open one?” So I added my protein powder – cookies n cream in this case – my fiber supplement, chia and flaxseed in a jar and… Voilà! Homemade smoothie booster!
  3. Still on the salad express! This one was voted from @mymamus as the salad of the week 🙂 Success! Bed of spinach topped with baked carrots, parsnips and Brussel sprouts and baked chicken with a little bit of light soy and BBQ sauce! Oh and light crumbled white cheese! Most of the ingredients I already had in the fridge from my last #SundayFoodPrep.
  4. The view from my last run.. 3.5 miles easy to see how my foot felt. Well it is back about 70% – still hurt a little after my run… And this is why i am off to the doctor’s today!
  5. New pair of running shoes! YAY!! 😀 I mean look at these beauties! They are so very comfortable to run with!

If you don’t want to wait till Friday to catch up on moments from the week you can always follow me on Instagram or Twitter!

Also I would so much appreciate it if you guys could visit my just-giving page where I am trying to do some fundraising for this amazing charity called Spinal Research . I know they are doing some great work – and I am honoured to be part of it 🙂 Every little bit can help a great deal!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! And stay tuned for my BIG news!! I can’t wait to share it with you – which I will as soon as I get the green light!

Stay tuned!!

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High Five Friday

Hi friends 🙂

Yet another weeks is coming to an end! No matter how much I love Mondays – which I do, A LOT! – I also enjoy Fridays… And there is no better way for me to kick start my Fridays than a High Five Friday post for Angela’s weekly link up!!

As you ‘ll see soon not a lot of running went down the past two weeks since I was taking it easy due to a mild case of plantar fasciatis (yikes…) but still it was a pretty good week!


  1. This scarf is my current VERY favourite, present from @dad_taleoftworuns while he was visiting… Oh the beer!?!? Well, probably one of the most memorable ones I’ve ever try, Meantime raspberry wheat 😉
  2. Dinner last night, we are back on salad fever around here… Chicken Caesars with homamade light dressing. Check out the recipe here.
  3. My May race – if you have no clue what I mean check it out here – will be the London Vitality 10,000 and I will be honoured to run for the Spinal Research charity (you know those cool people who are funding my PhD?!?! Yes them! Here is my just-giving page  for anyone that would like to make  donation to our cause 😀 Thank yo all in advance!
  4. The Wembley stadium North London Half finish line… Still on runner’s high you say?!?! It was such an amazing experience, can’t wait to run it again next year.
  5. Just something that I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately. Probably I could use some vacation… My favourite place in the whole wide world… Isn’t it pretty?!?!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!


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High Five Friday!

Yay!!! It is Friday friends 🙂

Let’s link up with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama like every Friday and all together spread positive vibes for an awesome weekend!


  1. North London half marathon – time 2:06:15! It was such an incredible experience!! You can read my race recap here 🙂 So happy my dad got to be with us and cheer for me as well!!
  2. Post race brunch! How could we not? I love this cheese omelet from the nightingale cafe in our neighborhood!
  3. Coffee date in the sunshine today with @mymamus 😀 We had such an amazing time strolling in the park and enjoying the weather! So lucky to have this guy in my life ❤
  4. Popcorn post race from the goodie bag!! I guess my look says it all LOL!! Sweet coconut and vanilla flavor for the win!!
  5. My experiments are going very very well and I am so very happy about it 😀 ! This is how I looked for the better part of the past two weeks. And if you are wondering the answer is – NO, this thing on my face is NOT comfortable but it is necessary! – how fashionable ain’t it??

I hope you guys are already having an awesome start to your weekend – and Happy easter for anyone who celebrates 😀

Also don’t forget to cheer for elite athlete Tina Muir  who is running for the world championships tomorrow representing GREAT BRITAIN & NORTHERN IRELAND!! Woo Hoo!!!

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High Five Friday & a few AWESOME announcements!

Hello friends 😀

I know this is a belated high five Friday (erm I meant Saturday 😉 ) post but it is never to late to spread the good vibes right?

So here I am again linking with Angela from Happy Fit mama – also Happy birthday to Angela for her birthday a few days ago 🙂 Before we dive in, to have a look at our best five from this past week, first things first… an apology from being totally MIA this past week! Due to some serious overestimation on my behalf – somehow I thought the day has 30 hours instead of 24- I managed to be super busy at work and also with @dad_taleoftworuns around and me prepping for the big day tomorrow the days just slipped away… I was meaning to write a post every night but then I was asleep in a jiffy… Even though my experiments are going really (REALLY) well – fingers crossed – this week was just endless!!!

So what happened this week?


  1. My half marathon is in less than 15 hours!!!! Butterflies in my belly for sure! I have to admit I am a little anxious – my goal is the 2 hr mark – since this week I felt really tired and like I was coming down with something – yikes! – so i really don’t know how I will be tomorrow… I will try my best and I do trust my effort and training!
  2. Last run was on Thursday 🙂 Decided to just do an easy 2.5 miles on the track since after a full 12 hours in the lab I really didn’t have the amount of concentration required not to get run over by a car… #nocomment
  3. & 4. Dad’s_taleoftworuns birthday weekend was a HUGE success, you can read all about it here! He loved it which means mission accomplished!

5. This Twinings tea flavour!!! You guys have to try it!!! It is pure bliss! #newobsession

* 5 AWESOME (“sciency”) READS*

  1. In case any one is wondering this is what the lab I work for is up to lately  🙂
  2. …and this is what I do for a living 🙂 I have to admit I am grateful that I get the opportunity to do what I love every day!
  3. Best science pictures of the year! I want to frame some of them and hang them up on my wall!!
  4. Also this was pretty interesting… How would being on Mars affect the human body… Hmmm impressive if you ask me!
  5. This is a pretty interesting article about Endurance and how can we achieve better levels of it…

* My announcement *

So this is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now. I have a new goal for 2016 which is 1 RACE PER MONTH! It doesn’t matter if it is a 5k or a marathon as long as I run at least one a month. The count till now is 2 10k races for January and February  and (hopefully ) my half marathon tomorrow for March 😀 Also I do know which race will be going down in November but this… I will not share just yet 😉

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 19.40.03.png

I still don’t know who lucky April will be but I do know which race I’ll be running in May!

The wonderful people from ISRT Spinal Research – who also fund my PhD and my research – have invited me to join their team to run the London 10,000 which is a really fun event! And I can’t wait for it!!! Thank you so much for inviting me on the team!!

Finally I was hoping this year to run a New year’s eve race 🙂 Let’s see if the nice people of London will have any New year’s eve races… 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Apologies again for disappearing the past few days, I promise better planning is in order from now on!!


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High Five Friday!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13

Hi friends 🙂

Another Friday is here and there is nothing I like more to do on a Friday but spread good vibes to start the weekend with High Five Friday – and of course link with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama 🙂


  1. My long run this week was … umm well not that long after all 😦 I left my gel at home and didn’t have any kind of fuel on me so my body crashed after 7.5 miles. Had to cut it short there instead of the 11 miles I had plans. Now why is the bad run on high five Friday? Well, cause Ellen finally learnt to listen to her body and respect its needs!
  2. Last track workout before the big day next weekend!
  3. Speaking of the big day look what arrived in the mail this week!!! Yay!!
  4. 30′ minutes killer core and abs workout… It’s been a while since I did any core related workout and I definitely felt it.
  5. That was the view from my lunch run this week 🙂 Me and my running buddy Kim had a blast enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather!

*5 things about London (weather…)*

  1. The weather is insane… It goes from this –>

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 08.21.21

2. To this –> In a day! Spring is finally around the corner 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 07.38.55

3. Even on a rainy day though it is still quite pretty!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 08.25.06.png

4. And since the weather is mostly wet and cold it is always special when you get to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine (well not exactly sunshine but bright enough).

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 08.26.06

5. Oh, but at the end of the day (literally 😉 )… there is always this…

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 08.29.19

And finally, I know this is only one but it counts for five 😀 😀 😀 and more…. @dad_taleoftworuns is here with us for the next couple of days!!! Arrived last night to celebrate his 60th (oups don’t tell him I said that LOL 😉 ) birthday in London! We have a few adventures planned over the weekend… Stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 07.42.21

Happy Friday everyone!

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High Five Friday :)

Hi friends!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13

It is Fri-Yay 😀 and i bet everyone is really excited! I have a few things to share with you just to kick start the weekend with a happier note, like will always do at High Five Friday! Many thanks to Angela over at Happy Fit Mama for the link up of course 🙂

*5 pictures = 5000 Words from the week*

  1. Thumbs up for a very successful track day session 🙂 The workout was 2x(4×400 RI 1:30) RI 2:30. I missed a week of track and I felt a little rusty, but I did give it my all and felt really good! I will be sharing my favourite track workouts with you next week!
  2. Every time I use my spin bike I love it even more! What a sweat session… 35′ of getting my heart rate up and then abs – all just before dinner 😉
  3. Speaking of dinner –> this salad is our new favourite! Spinach, rocket & kale topped with balsamic coated beet roots and low fat roasted brie cheese and pecans! Pure Yumminess! And so easy to make! I “roasted” the brie in our sandwich presser and it turned out INCREDIBLE!
  4. Coffee date with my favourite man 🙂 He loves snapping pictures of me when I am not looking… ❤
  5. My run yesterday was pure bliss!! You know the kind of run that happens once in a long while? Where everything goes according to plan? Where you feel unstoppable? Where the beat of the music matches your strides? THAT! This one unicorn-like run that makes you fall in love with running all over again! My 6.25 miles yesterday were exactly that! BLISS! Oh and guess what?!?! Spring is creeping up here in London as well, and the days are getting noticeably longer and brighter!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.15.20

* 5 Awesome reads*

  1.  This post from Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean. One of her fellow RD’s wrote this post and I found it very interesting and truthful.
  2. This article from Women’s running UK 🙂
  3. I had such a laugh with this post from Dorothy Beal over at Mile Posts. I wish I could run the Great Wall marathon one day…
  4. For all of you that don’t know it apart from running and science and crafts and working out, I also love knitting. It calms me down and silences my mind 🙂 I was pretty impressed when I read about this!! I don’t think I’ll be running and knitting any time soon though 😛
  5. Finally, even though I usually don’t include my own posts here I really have to say that this story, of this very unique little girl is definitely something worth reading! Such people are inspiring…

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We are having a friend over for dinner Friday night and I have a long run planned for Saturday 🙂 Also some much needed yoga on Sunday! What plans do you have? Anything special?

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High Five Friday :D

Hello Friends!!!

Yay, it is Friday 🙂 Well I have to admit that this week was a little hard and it kind of went really – like REALLY – slow… but here it is again, the weekend! I was feeling quite under the weather after my race on Sunday so I took it very easy this week. Since as we all know running and coughing ain’t a good combo I kept low and did a lot of stretching and yoga till this silly cold/allergy of mine goes away.

* 5 pictures = 5000 thousand words *

  1. New PR in my 10k race on Sunday!!! Soooo excited about it!!! Chip time was 55:10! I’ve been wanting this sub 1:00:00 PR for so long. Next goal is a sub 2:00:00 half next month 😀
  2. Dinner last night was this salad. It was so tasty and simple… any type of greens you have handy – i like a mix with lettuce, kale, spinach etc – and then soya seared chicken, pinapple chunks and some cheese crambles. Yum Yum 😛
  3. Brunching like champs around here! Homemade dinner rolls topped with avocado spread and poached eggs and tiny bacon bits. Of course we couldn’t not have Bloody Mary 😉
  4. This is my favourite body lotion. The Japanese blossom from bath & body works, which i can not get anywhere here in the UK. But many many many thanks to my awesome friend Jen who just visited NYC last week – me jealous?!?!?! naaah! just turning green cause its fun 😛 – and she brought me back 2 bottles of this amazing lotion! Thanks sooo much Jen xxx
  5. Even though the course from Sunday’s race wasn’t an easy one with two really steep uphills and some parts covered in gravel – i hate gravel…- I can’t say it wasn’t pretty, with views of the canal and the stadium, this weird sculpture and open spaces.

So all an all as you can see this week was all about relaxing – and much needed sleeping – and nourishment. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13

* 5 things I loved this week… *

  1. Janae’s, from Hungry runner girl, new idea of sharing everyone’s accomplishments every Friday! I love it! It feels so amazing to see people accomplishing goals that have been working so hard for!
  2. Seeing cuteness like this one! Come on now, like bunnies ain’t cute enough as it is right?!?!
  3. An awesome new idea from a few of my favourite bloggers 🙂 Angela from Happy Fit Mama  came up with another amazing idea –> a monthly work out round up with a different theme every month. Check it out in Carly’s from Fine Fit Day blog as well 🙂 I loved the work outs of this month since I am mostly working out at home!
  4. Oh, did I mention that my role model, who happens to be one of the greatest athletes I ‘ve ever known gave an INTERVIEW here at Tale of two runs!! I am so excited to share this with you guys this weekend!! Can not wait!!
  5. So as some of you might know @dad_taleoftworuns is coming to visit in a little less than 2 weeks, and spend his 60th birthday with us here 🙂 I was so excited yesterday to arrange a few – seriously amazing – things for us to do for his big day! Well I can’t really say what since he is reading my blog and don’t want to ruin the surprise but you ‘ll see photos soon 😉

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Let me know of what awesome plans you are having?!?! A long run, meet up with friends, anything special?


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

High Five Friday!

Another High Five Friday already?!?!? Even though I am always super excited to link up with Angela over at HappyFitMama every Friday and spread the good vibes, it sometimes strikes me…Where did the week go? Time goes by so fast! And having a little reminder of all the great things that happened during the week is awesome!

My 5000 words – since a picture worths 1000 words 😛

  1. This hat… I am in love!
  2. I can not believe I scored a free spin bike!!! Wooo hooo!!! I ‘ve had the best sweat sessions this past week! And I enjoyed EVERY second of my 30-45 minutes of them.
  3. My new mug says it all… Just a little reminder to “Enjoy the little things…”
  4. Finally my spice rack is complete. I can’t even start to tell you how much I’ve missed these Goya spices. They are everywhere in NY (and in the states in general) but in London they are a rare find… So i was so super excited when the mailman brought them to our door. I cooked chilli con carne a few days later and it was pure heaven in a bowl!
  5. Had an awesome 10 mile run on Sunday and the a breakfast date with @mymamus and @M&M_taleoftworuns (my sweet and lovely mother in law). Knowing I’ll be eating scrambled eggs and toast made me run a little faster i think 😛


5 great moments …

  1. Signed up for another 10k race this Sunday 🙂 Goal is a sub 1 hour race! Fingers crossed!
  2. Even though I had a rough day at work yesterday, realising that you have people around that honestly care made it all better. What a great feeling…
  3. I managed to put in 3 strength/weight training sessions this week along with spinning sessions, a track workout and a tempo run! I think this week was pretty awesome!
  4. Home-cooked mama food. No more words necessary…
  5.  Just last night I realised how many people enjoy reading my blog… I m humbled… Thank you so very much everyone!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend ahead! Let me know what’s in store for you guys. Long-run? Night out or in?

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High Five Friday :)

And we are back 😀 It’s Friday and I am linking with Angela over at HappyFitMama to spread some good vibes 🙂

Pictures are a thousand words!

  1. The longest I ‘ve hold a plank in while 🙂
  2. Just a girl and her pineapple… I found this baby for 70p (~$1) and of course it came home with!!
  3. My training journal is here!! I love it, it’s amazing! (I’ll write a review very soon)
  4. Yes that is a gigantic burito in my hands and my face says it all! (steak and peppers with tons of lettuce, tomato, avocado and fat free greek yogurt sauce! Yumminess!)
  5. And the best of all I crashed my long run last Saturday!! 10 miles @ average pace 9:05/mile! North London Half marathon, here I come!!

So this is around 5000 words right ?!?! 😉


Amazing moments

  1. When things at work are going pretty darn awesome!
  2. I saw a friend of my mine on Wednesday that hadn’t seen for so long. It feels so good to catch up with friends.
  3. Didn’t miss any running work outs this week! Yay!
  4. Keeping up with my yoga isn’t working out as I’d like but only due to time constrains. In fact I actually enjoy it way more than I thought so I promise I’ll stick with it!
  5. Spent about 2 hours chatting to @mama_taleoftworuns on Skype last night. It is so good to spent some time with family once in a while. Especially when you live so far away and don’t get to see them much.

I wish everyone an amazing weekend. It’ll be pretty chill for us around here, got an 11 mile long run in store for me tomorrow morning and then a few friends coming over for lunch. Great reward to look forward to 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40