Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is small town in South-West Germany. I spent about half a year living there when i was pursuing my MSc in neuroscience. What a beautiful city! Narrow paved streets where the Bächle runs alongside them (and you can easily fall in, i speak from experience 😉 ), good beer, tasty sausages and awesome friendly people.


As a student i had an incredible time there. If you are an outdoor and sportsy kinda person then this place is definitelyfor you. There are so many activities from hiking, biking, sports. This small town has a very active scene!


My favourite part? Outdoor picnics by the lake (which one? quite a few actually LOL!). It is like an outdoor party. People of all ages and nationalities just becoming friends.

Also, this is where i found the most peaceful and quite running routes i ‘ve ever run! Take a look at those scenic pictures… It is good for the soul when you can run in such places. It takes your running to a whole different level. It’s not about the distance, the pace or the time anymore. It’s about you getting touch with nature and with yourself. It’s about calming your soul…

As you can probably tell i didn’t do many proper training runs while i was talong-dreisam-river-view-green-meadows-freiburg-germany-47369681here 😛 But i did do a lot of “mental health” runs. Sometimes you need those more than a faster mile in your life. Running in a place like Freiburg taught me to see the beauty in the world. If you ever have the chance to visit, do yourself a favour, runner or not, walk or run by the canal and you will not regret it.