London, UK

London. Life brought me here for a very exciting endeavour, my PhD! Something i ‘ve always dreamt of doing! And it is finally happening!!! I am “a Queen at King’s” as someone told me before i left New York…


I am afraid i don’t have much to say about London …. YET! I only moved here 3 months ago and we are still getting settled! I promise i ‘ll update the post with many more adventures in the royal city very soon….



After a few weekends exploring London I have come to love many things (and dislike a few other things…). Here are a few things that I currently love about London:

  • the beautiful park by our apartment which is perfect for running
  • London by night is just magical
  • food tracks by the Thame river (mini donut, hot chocolate taps and many many more)
  • London has FIVE GUYS!!! – major excitement –
  • most of the museums are free

And these are a few things that I don’t like that much about London:

  • the subway (or the “tube” as they call it here) – packed morning commute so NOT my favourite.
  • tiny pavements make it difficult to walk in crowded places
  • humidity … no words necessary

More updates to come as we spent more time exploring around the royal city 🙂